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Sayeth The LORD
Leese Ford
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I have written an encouraging book for Spiritual Empowerment. This Devotional is now in the editing process. I need help funding this part of my mission. The cost of publishing this Devotional is $3445.00. I have paid the $495.00 down-payment, and one $295.00 monthly payment. The balance owed is $2655.00. $600.00 donations = total owed-$2055.00.


  1. I need help funding this project. Please send donations to the P. O. Box.
  2. When completely published, I plan to make this edition completely free to the jail inmates (male and female), also to the Ladies of Breaking The Cycle for Troubled Women.
  3. I would like to have this Devotional available for all Jail Ministry.
  4. My websites will advertise this Devotional when published.

We appreciate any and all donations for this Devotional-SAYETH THE LORD. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I want to personally thank all who have sent donations, this would not be possible without your help. May GOD Bless your days.

Leese I. Ford