Sayeth The Lord

These things The Lord did say this morning:

God always  judges by Heart and Faith: forgiving anything that we have done in the past (as long as we asked for forgiveness and have repented).  All is washed anew.  We, who are in Christ, have been Called to Walk with The Lord.  Hold Strong to The Promise that I gave you-Blessings are yet to come.  Hold true to The Truth you KNOW about Me.  Stand firm in your Faith.  Worship Me more, so you will KNOW Me better.  I have run the darkness out of your Life.  Let your Light shine.  I will always shine a Light to guide your feet along My Path.  I will put those in your path, who need to hear from Me.  Just listen for what I tell you.  The ones who don’t get healed this time, keep Praying, be Strong, for your Prayers are being heard.  Keep being My Light!  For every time you Minister to someone, they see My Light shining through you.  Blessed are those who hear.       Carry My Message to others-today and forever!!!

Sayeth The Lord  

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