Live in The Overflow!!!

Ask God in your Prayers to guide your feet and mouth to do what God wants you to do today. The Holy Spirit released Courage unto us this day. All each of us has to do is accept The Blessing as it is. One of the many Blessings yet to come. Let us each have Confidence when we approach our Heavenly Fathers’ Throne. Another Blessing for us. Just to approach The Fathers’ Throne is a Blessing, but to know that we are Loved and Accepted, as who we are, when we get there is a True Blessing.
Ask God to Overflow your Life. Ask Him to show you your Destiny for today. I am a testimony of God to others. He wants to Overflow my Life, so I can Overflow others Lives also. As we are lead through this day with The Protection of The Lord, let us ask The Lord this: How may I today, Lord, be of the most service to You and Your Kingdom? Please let my feet and my mouth follow Your Direction for me.

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