Our Weight in Gold

Seriously, we all say, ” i wish i had my weight-paid to me in gold. But, really, why? All the gold you can carry could be yours, but if you are not Saved, what would it matter? You could have the gold and die the very next second. Would that have accomplished anything? No.
When we set up our treasures in Heaven, we need remember that these things are Eternal and Everlasting. For our treasures here on earth are about helping our sister or brother where and when they need help, not expecting any returns.
Our Integrity is our Gold. How does God see us? What would He say about what we are doing? Would He say we have learned well or would we need to study more? We all need to study more to be closer with our Lord. Our example to follow is Jesus. If He wouldn’t do something, then why should we? What happened to helping our neighbors through the rough Times? To give a little from your Heart, not because you had to, but because you saw a need.
We are called here to SERVE. This week i wore an apron to Church, because The Lord said so. He uses things like this to open doors to Preach to The Listening Ones (the ones who ask). Why are you wearing the apron, i am asked. i tell them that we re here to Serve one another.
So, this week, please let The Lord show you how to Serve someone. It’s simple, you see a need and you help. Just opening a door for someone. Smile at them, as you do. These are our rewards.
i Pray, Lord, that You open their eyes to see the Good that they can do for each other and the rewards that can be theirs. Open their mouths to Speak only Yours Words, of Peace and Joy. Let them this week, be filled. In Jesus Name i Pray. A-MEN!!!
May you go from here and Spread The Holy Word!!!

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