Thank You, Lord!!!

Thank You, Lord, for waking me up this morning!!! Today is a day You Truly have made just for me. It is so Beautiful here with the sun shining and the weather is not so bad outside. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ were already at Worship when I got there, but I wasn’t late. I am part of the team that has things to do before others come, like getting coffee ready. tidying up and such. I Love when The Lord awakes me early so I can go help. We are Children of God gathered together for Worship!!! Oh, what could be better today?
I Love going through my day in anticipation of what The Lord has in store for me, Where He will Lead my feet today. Who does He want me to talk to and what does He want me to say? Where does He want me to go? I’m ready to go. Wherever You want me, is wherever I will be.
I always want to Encourage and Empower you to share God’s Holy Word. May Peace, Joy, and Mercy be yours forever. In Jesus Name I Pray!!! A-MEN!!!

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