Dixie is considered everywhere South of the Mason/Dixon Line. The fire (racism) that was started years ago, is the one we (THE FIREFIGHTERS) are sent here to stomp out. We no longer agree with what our grandfathers’ forefathers’ did. I mean (really) that’s how long it’s been.

We are only The Lord’s Children!!! Seen by God as His Alone!!! The Lord is jealous for us. Ex. 20:5

Learning as we Live in this world, that we are not from this world. One day, we will all go HOME and have to account for our own words and actions while we were here.

We here in the South have come to stomp out racism.

We start this journey by reading Proverbs 2:1-9, Matthew 5:3-12, and forgetting not Luke 6:37

When we read these, re-read them many times to really understand them, then practice them in all we do.

Whoever is reading this today, Lord, please Bless them and their families, in Good Health and Wisdom. In Jesus Name I Pray!!!   A-MEN!!!

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