The Lord is Teaching me today to learn to Listen to Him and enjoy Him wherever He is. My husband and I were going fishing today, but to go, we had to stop at The Curb Market for a fishing license for me and some more things. Worms to catch the bait. Then on to a friend’s to fish for the bait. Great Time to Minister (by the way). We leave here and go to a store in Burnsville (the middle of nowhere). My husband was heating the food we were buying, the customer left, the cashier went to help my husband, and I had just came from the bathroom. Nothing really, everything was normal. Then The Lord came and Danced with me and my arms just DANCED AND SO DID MY FEET!!! Nothing abnormal to me, but I heard the cashier giggle and ask, “What was that?” Yeah, that wasn’t normal, but what a Time to Minister!!! Just by Dancing with The Lord!!!
We then leave there and go to the lock and dam. On the way, my husband is whining because he doesn’t have the bait. Live fish. I tell him to be quiet and wait, that it is like God is saying, “The bait is already there.” So, when we get there, I get ALL the stuff to tote down the hill ready. I take down the first load, and there are the live bait, swimming in a little water hole. I go back up and help bring down the rest of the stuff.
My husband rigs up both his poles and starts fishing. Then he rigs up both my fishing poles and I start fishing. He goes up the hill to the bathroom. I catch a fish while he’s gone, but I couldn’t catch it. He comes back and I tell him to catch it, because I’m afraid I’ll break the line. He gives it back shortly, afraid he’s gonna break the line, and needing to fish with his own poles. I wrestle with it and The Lord showed me that this is what He was showing me:
1. That the fishing poles worked fine. Nothing was wrong with them.
2. That I, Leese, was not a fisherman (Fisherwoman). That I am a Fisher of Men.
***Peaceful-they both are. The Fisherman has Time with The Lord.
I have all the Time to do for The Lord. The Lord told me not to worry about whether or not I could actually catch the fish, because I am A Fisher of Men. A Place I Love and Cherish. Thank You, Lord, for today and all the other days. IN JESUS NAME, WE PRAY!!!   A-MEN!!!

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