Rejection to Redemption

I saw in my dream a good friend of mine slinking into Church one Sunday. I wondered what was wrong. I decided to speak to this person after Church to see if I could be of service in any way.

As I kept watching this person during Church, I saw that with each new Prayer the preacher Prayed, how this person began to blossom. Each new song, they sang louder and louder until finally the gloom left them. Their posture and outlook began to stand taller and stronger.

As The Holy Spirit renewed them, you could see the Awakening of their spirit. They were coming alive again! They had renewed Hope.

They understood they had been Redeemed by our Lord Jesus. They could once again see that they were a Child of God, Called to do God’s Mission, our Devine Destiny. Pray for His Will to be done, and to show us how to accomplish His Mission.

In Jesus Holy Name, we Pray!!!   A-MEN!!!

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