His Love never fails!

Today The Lord wants to remind me that His Love never fails. Today is a new day that He has made just for me, (fill in your name here)! There is never a Time when we are alone. Even when we are down and out, He is there to hold us. We are the apple of His Eye. He adores us, His Creations. We are Children of God, with all His Grace and Love abounding to us.

With each new song The Lord has chosen for today, He is reassuring me that we are The Lions of Zion!!! A Lion of Zion is:

  • Zion is a Sacred City.
  • Lions travel in prides (packs or groups).

   Zion represents The Church, (any one of God’s Churches). The lions represent Jesus’s People, Holy and Righteous-fearing nothing,but being bold and courageous. Each one of The Lions of Zion are a Precious Child of God!!!

I wanna know You, Lord!!! To be confident in WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST – to go spread His Word with Confidence and NO FEAR!!! FEAR NOT, SAYS THE LORD, FOR I AM HERE WITH YOU!!! Oh, to be soooo Loved by our Lord!!! He wants us to know that we are His Treasures!!!

Thank You, Lord, for The Season of Overflowing Joy to come. Isaiah 61:1-3-Renew, rebuild, and restore!!! The Lord uses people who need renewing, rebuilding and restoring, because only the broken can truly know The Lord.

Jesus, when You speak to me, illuminate what’s right in front of me. We receive The Power of Your Love, Lord, so that we may also pass this Love to one another.  God’s Love is The Air beneath my feet!!! I will never fall. His Love Protects me. The Power of God is and does all!!! He woke us up this morning. He gives us the breath we breathe. He gives us His Words to say. He Walks before and with us. He Redeemed us. From this day, go forth and enjoy this Season of Overflowing Joy, for I am here with you, Sayeth The Lord.

The “Movement” of The Lord is everywhere. The Presence of The Lord is moving and spreading, and when the last one hears… Revelation.

If we want Love, come to The Lord where Love is freely given. Freely given, freely give.

Gal. 6:7-9 and Gal. 5:25-26 (READ)

We once were unbelieving sinners, but now we are Children of God. Walk as Children of God. The old is now washed away, and The New in Christ begins. All The Spirits of The Lord are in us. Gal. 5:22-23. (READ) Let us let God rule our Lives to be more like Christ. The burdens and problems of the past are The Lord’s to fix, because only He knows how.   Ephesians 1:3 He created the problem to bring us closer to Him, by asking Him to take care of this for us. He uses our problems to make us stronger. He has called us to a Life of Overflowing Blessings. Our Lives are to be Blessed, so we may Bless others with The knowledge of God. Ephesians 1:13-14. (READ)

Let us have a personal relationship with Jesus. Know how much Jesus Loves you. Walk daily with Jesus by reading your Bible, your devotional, Prayer Time, and also by showing others how much you Love Jesus by how much you Love them. Love others. The Holy Spirit comes to Sanctify and Redeem us to Holiness. Not by me, but more of You, Lord. Romans 14:11 (READ) Every knee shall bow. Jesus has called us to Himself. He wants us to know how much He Loves each of us.

Acts Chapters 2 and 4 (READ)

The Lord wants all of us to be Family, members of His Family.

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