Wastefulness of God’s Blessings


  1.  The storage sheds (owned by others-where you store your “stuff”). You will never own it by renting it.
  2. Rent-an-Appliance or Rent-a-Furniture. The interest rate is too high. Buy used until you can afford new.
  3. Pawn tickets, title pawn, payday loans and bad checks. The interest rate and/or bounce fee is way too high.
  4. Credit/debit cards. They seem good, until you see the hidden fees.
  5. Gambling, drugs and alcohol. These are not good for your soul.                                             Read Proverbs 23:21, and 1 Peter 4:3.
  6. Loans by “loan sharks” or loans with too high interest

*** If you must repair your credit, do so by getting a secured credit card. You may also qualify for a bank consolidated loan. Use you Time and money wisely. See a debt consultant or talk to an Experian debt consultant to help fix your credit score. At ALL times, keep a check on your credit score, to make sure that there is nothing holding your credit score back.



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