Planting Harvest Seeds

I am reading from The Living Bible. Please open your Bible and join me.

Some seeds will fall by the wayside, but seeds planted in fertile ground will grow and flourish.   (Mark 4:1-9)

We each can be the one who nourishes the wayside seed into becoming the flourishing seed by giving a little Love and Encouragement. Always remember where God has brought us from, always to do better now that you know better. 1 Corin. 13:11

God gave us Dominion over all things great and small. He gave us the right to do right in this world for The Kingdom. Do right and right will follow.

Read:  Matt. 16:18-19  and Zechariah 1:1-6. Crime will not pay. Crime will be punished on The Day of The Lord.

Read:  Isaiah 2:4

The Kingdom of The Lord is at hand. Now is the time to go and do for The Lord. These things we should be doing are: Isaiah 61:1-4, Luke 4:18, James 1:27, Matt. 28:19, and Matthew 5:3-19.

Help others as you have been helped. Give back to The Kingdom of God as it was freely given to you. Righteous and Justice are My Throne. Reconcile with God first, then go and do as He wants you to for your Divine Destiny. The “job” of The Church is to Renew, Rebuild, and Restore. God’s Word and Work brings Shalom Peace. Read Gal. 5:22-23.

Focus as a group on how better can we make this town we live in for The Glory of His Kingdom. Be a UNITED group who Loves each other as God has Loved us. Read: Romans 12:4-8  Be the one who sends many disciples out in this world for The Glory of our Lord!!!

Bless your days, may they be many.   In Jesus Name, we Pray!!!   A-MEN!!!


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