Battering Field

Remember the battering ram, used to beat or break into someone’s door of their home? This is what Satan uses against our mind to force us to submit to him.

We have to remember daily that we are Children of God. Shake off Satan each time you can. Always be aware of who is around you. You don’t want to hang out with a negative person, because they tend to rub off on us.  We then tend to become short-tempered or gossipy. Think about whose they are carrying with them.

We are not here on Earth by accident, nor are we the accident. God made us fearfully and wonderfully. He alone knows the Plans that He has for us. Jer. 29:11

God gave us Jesus as our Lamppost to shine His Light on our Divine Path. This is not to say, however, that God promises us a rose garden, but if you have roses, you have thorns also.

Whose got the battering ram? Is Satan using it? Satan uses the ram to make us feel insecure about ourselves and who we are in Christ. Any foothold that he can get on us, he will use for his own purposes, not for The Glory of our LORD’S Kingdom. Shame, regret, drugs and alcohol (numbness of feelings) are only some of Satan’s tools. When we numb ourselves with drugs and alcohol, we no longer feel insecure, shame or regret, but once again, these are Satan’s lies.

When God’s got the ram, you know that He will only use it to knock out the bad stuff in our lives. The drugs and alcohol go and you are secure. You feel secure enough to go to Church and there you find that you should have been going all along, because when you opened the Church door, everybody welcomed you as one of their own. One more Family member  of Christ has come home. Then you begin to heal the more you are around Christians. It becomes a new place to hang out with new Brothers and Sisters of Fellowship.

Let God this day lead and protect you as you Journey beside Him. May God Bless your days.    In Jesus’ Holy Name, we Pray!!!   A-MEN!!!

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